Set Up a Streamlined Telemedicine Practice With Cutting Edge Amplified Health Technology

24 Hours is all we need to get your virtual practice operational. Your ability to offer online visits is crucial to manage your practice and most especially your patients. Supporting the social distancing efforts nationwide and state laws, our 100% HIPAA compliant platform ensures that continuity of care via telemedicine services is established.

setting up a telemedicine practice

Patient Demand

Research shows that over 50M Americans are willing to switch their family care providers to have access to video visits. We want your practice to be more successful and up to date with the rising demands of a holistic and virtual health care delivery and with our HIPAA compliant platform having the built-in technology of implementing a telemedicine practice workflow bundled up with all the other necessary functionalities in a medical practice management software like the EMR, ePrescription, Medical Billing, Calendar Management, Appointment Scheduling, you can now let go of your manual processes and dedicate more time to patient care.

Patient Engagement

As patients are an integral factor of every practitioner, our goal is to help you increase better patient outcomes while reducing the overall costs of healthcare. With Amplified Health, your practice will have built-in solutions so you can create a higher level patient experience. Your patients will be able to use telemedicine technologies to securely access your practice and their electronic health records, request care, read treatment instructions and get care reminders resulting in excellent patient experience.

Specialties & Our Telemedicine Software Platforms

Amplified Health has all the tools for your specialty’s unique needs, from Physical Medicine to Mental Health to Home Care. With our customizable templates and intake questions, auto-updated ICD10, CPT and HCPCS codes, and electronic claims, we are able to help you create a seamless workflow for your practice. Our aim is to allow you to focus on your patients while avoiding the everyday challenges with telemedicine solutions.

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