The Telehealth Revolution is Here to Radically Change the Landscape of Healthcare

telehealth revolution

Telehealth is taking over healthcare and it looks like it is here to stay.

The telehealth revolution has recently taken off thanks to the pandemic. Even though there are many challenges that telehealth needs to overcome, the question that remains is how we can look forward to telehealth changing the landscape of healthcare for the future?

The Telehealth Revolution

Did you know that telehealth has been around since the 1960s?

More recently due to the pandemic, physicians have been given the unique opportunity to finally jump on board the telehealth train. With the acceptance of telehealth from all directions such as physicians, policymakers, insurance companies, and patients – it is beginning to reshape healthcare as we know it. 

telehealth healthcare revolution

The majority of the feedback from healthcare providers and physicians has been extremely positive. Everyone is starting to see the many great benefits telehealth has on the relationship between patients and their doctors.

All patients need is a device that can connect to Wi-Fi along with a telehealth software, and they will be able to meet with their physicians through video and audio chat. A virtual practice not only enhances communication with patients, but it is also used to educate healthcare staff and to conveniently meet with specialists.

Telehealth can and does connect people to better healthcare. 

Procedures and Policies Changes

telehealth insurance policy changes

Access to telehealth has not always been a walk in the park. However, the pandemic has sparked many procedures and policies to be put in place regarding telehealth.

Insurance companies also jumped on board, making it easier for people to access telehealth through their current insurance policy.

Recently, more lawmakers have wanted to turn these current telehealth policies into something more permanent. And it seems like physicians and insurance companies are welcoming the idea as well.

Telehealth looks to be the future of medicine and all aspects of healthcare need to adapt quickly to the change. 

The Lasting Changes of Telehealth

We need to be prepared for telehealth to continue to grow. Patients have gotten used to the ease of telehealth, which means some patients will be unwilling to return back to the office.

Patients don’t enjoy sitting in a waiting room, especially when sick or around others who are ill. And really love the convenience of telehealth. 

Receiving virtual healthcare has made it easier for those to receive the healthcare they need, especially those in rural areas.

This could be one of the most important aspects…

Not everyone has easy access to healthcare, but telehealth is allowing everyone to get the care they need.

How Does Telehealth Compare to In-Person Visits?

virtual healthcare

Many wonder how telehealth communication compares to face to face visits. Well, virtual communication is just as effective with a number of additional benefits.

In fact,  90 percent of healthcare visits can be done virtually. This means patients do not need to worry about taking time off of work to go to an appointment and they don’t need to worry about sitting in a waiting room. 

The surprising part was this.

Physicians have also noticed that patients seem to be more at ease in the comfort of their own homes, making it easier to converse with them about their symptoms and concerns.

This obviously has its benefits in and of itself.

Standard Telehealth Visits

Telehealth can be offered for a number of medical services including family care, behavioral health, dentists, podiatrists, plastic surgeons, and orthopedics. 

The options for telehealth really are endless.

Each patient is unique, but telehealth can be there to offer patients the healthcare they need without having to leave home.

From therapy to medication management to follow-up appointments, telehealth can offer all of these services conveniently to patients, reducing the stress of having to go to an actual appointment.

Telehealth Challenges

Of course, there will be some challenges with the rise in telehealth, especially as it continues to grow. Even though telehealth has evolved greatly in the last decade, it is not as sophisticated as it could be.

digital stethoscopes

Telehealth isn’t always going to be able to offer a deep level of care that some patients do require. As you can imagine, it is hard to take vitals virtually.

But that doesn’t mean it’s going to stay that way.

We will soon see nationwide use of digital stethoscopes and other tools allowing telehealth to conquer this challenge.

Yes, more and more insurance plans are now open to covering telehealth. However, it is not as widely accepted as it could or should be. 

Luckily, this looks to change in the very near future. As telehealth gains more popularity, more insurance plans and policies will be in place to welcome the use of telehealth.

The success of telehealth really relies on using the right system to guide your team and is easy to use for everyone, especially patients. 

It’s Never Too Late to Join the Telehealth Revolution

If your healthcare practice has been considering adding telehealth services, now is the time to give telehealth a try. It could be exactly what your patients and practice needs right now as it is becoming an integral part of healthcare.

Are you not sure where to get started? We can help you get started with setting up a telemedicine practice.  

To keep up with cutting edge telehealth, your practice needs to be equipped with the right telehealth technology platform that offers two-way compliant video conferencing for you and your patients.

Amplified Health offers software that is high-quality, compliant, and fast so you can provide continued care to new and existing patients. 

Your healthcare practice can thrive with telehealth, but you need assistance with comprehensive telehealth software that can offer chronic care management, medication management, and other productivity tools like medical billing.

We can help with personalized software for your practice needs, even for specialists. Our software is designed to work with everyone – including all physicians and patients.

Why Set-Up a Telemedicine Practice?

Telehealth can increase your revenue while also improving patient satisfaction. It can also allow for physicians to see a number of patients without compromising care.

Streamline patient engagement with a 100 percent HIPAA compliant patient portal. Patients can easily schedule appointments and maintain electronic records. Telehealth software also allows staff to easily input important patient information.

Telehealth is nothing new, but it is finally gaining the traction it was always destined to gain. Make sure your practice is ready for the future.


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