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telehealth during covid

Benefits of Telehealth During COVID-19

Keeping up with today’s technology can be stressful and overwhelming, especially when it comes to technology in healthcare. The pandemic has brought a rise in telehealth that has required healthcare providers to start setting up a telemedicine practice. The Growth of Telehealth  Telehealth has been around for some time but is more popular during the

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telehealth is our new normal

Telehealth is Our New Normal, Is Your Practice Ready to Adapt?

The current pandemic seems to be making changes around every corner. It is obviously greatly impacting healthcare in many ways. To limit in-person contact and help stop the spread, many healthcare providers have been turning to telehealth as their saving grace. Over the last few months, we all have been urged to stay home to

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extending the reach of telehealth

How Telehealth Extends the Reach of Medical Aid

Healthcare is currently going through many changes, especially recently due to the pandemic. And thanks to the advancement in technology, it has made telehealth possible. But now it is being used more than ever, especially for those who are unable to easily reach proper medical care such as those in remote areas. We know that

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covid telehealth policy update

COVID-19 Federal Telehealth Reimbursement Policy Update in Telehealth

Amidst the pandemic, new policies surrounding telehealth services have come into place. The Center for Medicare and Medicaid services recently made updates to their telehealth policy along with private insurers. But what does this mean for providers? Keep in mind these new policies could change frequently, but the following are the current policies as of

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